Traveling can be quite rigorous!

I’ve fallen behind in my journal and my blog over the last week! I haven’t yet posted about the incredible experience that I had in Torres del Paine during my 6-day/5-night hike, the exhilarating sensation that I felt walking right in front of the Perito Glacier as it advanced towards me with gigantic pieces of ice falling off of it, or the day hike in El Chalten where we hiked up to the frozen lake at Lago de los Tres right below the towering peak of Mt. Fitz Roy!
I’ve just been so tired lately. I’ve been waking up early to eat breakfast and to be prepared to hike just as the sun rises. At night, I’m busy cooking, eating, and socializing with other travelers. It’s really beginning to wear on me. I can feel my body craving for rest, and all I can think about is that next hike or catching the next bus to my next destination.