Piedra de Penol – Sept. 4, 2011

The Piedra de Penol

After a night out at Medellin, Anna and I went one a day trip outside of Medellin to a place called the Piedra de Penol.  All it was was a giant rock, like the tall mountains of Rio De Janeiro, except you have to ascend stairs to get to the top.  It’s a good thing Anna and I are still relatively young and physically able.  We passed lots of older people who struggled up the stairs.  We rested a lot so as not to overexert ourselves, and when I got to the top, my breath rate was still pretty low.
I’m thankful that I can travel now while I’m still young.  It’s great to see and do things that most people wait until they are retired to do.  I worked and saved for awhile.  I even bought a house.  But now, without a job and without too many financial liabilities, I have total freedom to do anything I want at the age of 30.  These are the best years of my life, and the optimist in me leads me to believe that I’ll continue to believe the same year after year.  It’s all just one big journey.  I wax philosophical… Back to the Pieda de Penol!
The view from the top of the Piedra de Penol was spectacular.

The view from the top of the Piedra de Penol

On the way back to Medellin, about five cockroaches of various sizes started coming out of the windowsill next to Anna.  That was really gross.